Summer Interning at Spreetail

Regan Burnham

Fort Collins, Colorado

Pledge Class ‘15



This summer, I was an intern for a company here in Lincoln called Spreetail. Spreetail is an online retailer, which sells products on marketplaces (Amazon,, eBay, etc.) and its website. Spreetail has been around for over twelve years, doubling in size and revenue each year, and is continuing to grow. It is an exciting time to work for them because of all the growth and employees' energy towards and dedication to Spreetail. The coolest parts of Spreetail are its culture and focus on making an impact on the communities it touches. This focus on people is shown through learning and development opportunities, monthly happy hours, and a yearly company trip. I ended this summer with a trip to Austin, Texas, which was a great way to celebrate all the hard work we had put in over the internship and deepen relationships with fellow interns and full-time employees. Throughout the summer, the interns were able to plan a communities event, as well as attend multiple events throughout the summer that supported the Lincoln community.

I worked as a recruiter in Spreetail's People and Culture department. I was given real projects and treated just like any full-time employee…I even hired eight people! More importantly, I gained clarity of what I wanted to do with my life and what is important to me when looking for companies to work for after graduation (which is so soon…what happened to the time?!). I stepped out of my comfort zone, made lifelong friends, felt accomplished, and gained a sense of confidence in what I am capable of doing in the future.


During the summer, I also got to work alongside three other Chi Omegas: Elle Hansen, Kristen Jones, and Emma Clausen. It was so much fun to see friendly faces around the office and be encouraged by my sisters. The four of us had diverse experiences through the different departments we were in – Elle in Merchandising, Kristen in Accounting, and Emma in Software. Although we were doing different things, I was supported and continuously inspired by all the hard work my sisters had put forth this summer.

When reflecting on my experiences at Spreetail, I am in awe of how quickly this summer went by and how FUN it was! Going into the summer, I was anxious thinking I would be tied to a desk all day and not experience any excitement. For the past two summers, I had spent it either studying abroad or backpacking in Europe, so I was sure that this summer would be full of boredom, but a necessary part of "adulthood." Boy was I wrong! The adventures with my Chi Omega sisters made it just as fun and exciting. From traveling to Memphis, Tennessee with Isabel Cheeseman, living with Hannah Hays, or even going to Boston, Massachusetts for the 4th of July, many memories were made. And yes, I wouldn't change my summers abroad for the world, but it was also so important (and fun!) to gain real-world experience through an internship.