Chi-O-fornia Dreaming

Hi everyone! I’m Kendall Kelly and I’m a born-and-bred California girl, but I absolutely consider Nebraska- and specifically Chi Omega-to be my home. I went through recruitment as a nervous freshman- I was 1500 miles from home, I had no family or friends in Nebraska, and nobody in my family went Greek. But, what I found in Chi Omega was comfort. A second family so far from my biological family. A group of women who are there through all the ups and downs, and who encourage me to be my best self. Women who are always down for a dance party, who will run to Hurts Donut at 2 in the morning, and women who will come visit this California girl when I’m missing my sisters over the summer.

This summer, Jacqueline Manchester (aka the other half of #Jendall) left the windy city to spend a week with me out here on the West coast! So here it is everyone: Jack and Ken’s Guide to Northern California…the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.



Chi Omega has six purposes which all of us members apply to our daily lives. But little known is our seventh unofficial purpose…FOOD! So, as a good Chi Omega hostess, we got things started by visiting a couple of Sacramento’s finest establishments.

The Good: Lunch at Jack’s Urban Eats, where they make bomb salads, sandwiches and fries. Jack’s Urban Fries = !!!!!!!! Trust me when I say I could eat their fries every day for the rest of my life. GUYS, THEY ARE THAT GOOD!

The Bad: Pushkin’s Bakery, a gluten-free bakery with a big reputation. I would say that it’s Sacramento’s attempt at a Goldenrod Bakery, and it comes nowhere close.

The Ugly: My artistic skills. We are so pumped to get littles that we spent time working on some gifts for them. It’s safe to say that Jacqueline is more of an artist than I am…sorry in advance future little!!




The Good: I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Pebble Beach is a golf course just south of Monterey and it’s literally right on the ocean. The homes that line the golf course have outrageous ocean views. Honestly living in Pebble Beach is a life goal (a girl can dream!!)

The Bad: We ate lunch at this little seafood pub in Carmel by the Sea. I would give it a 9/10 for the fish and chips and the shrimp tacos. What’s bad about that? Jacqueline finished ALL of my fries- and don’t let her tell you anything different!

The Ugly: Honestly can’t think of one, this was such a fun day filled with beach, food, cute shops, and our version of Carpool Karaoke. I guess the ugly thing was that we had to leave…




The Good: The Capitola Wharf is home to the cutest little painted beach houses. Of course- they were perfect for a photo op. Guys, these beach houses are every NorCal girl’s aesthetic. We had lunch at Zelda’s on the Beach. We each ate sandwiches that were the size of our heads, which brings me to my next point…

The Bad: We were SO full after lunch.  I mean I will probably be full until Thanksgiving, but it was SO good. Honestly, I’m torn if that’s a bad thing.

The Ugly: I got sunburnt while sitting at lunch. Yes I’m from California and yes, I still got fried. Sadly, living in the Midwest for 9 months has made my formerly-bronzed skin very burnable. So, there I was, looking like a candy cane (white on parts of my skin and red on others) after some lunch on the beach.

Bonus Ugly: I can’t leave out the authentic California traffic experience that Jack got to experience. Bay Area traffic is no joke folks. It took us 5 hours to make a 2-hour drive home. If that isn’t ugly enough for you, you should’ve seen our dance moves in the car around hour 4…




The Good: Jacqueline’s first In-N-Out!!! Nothing is more Cali than In-N-Out. Please enjoy my picture taken off of snapchat because we were the worst and didn’t take advantage of the cardinal and straw photo opportunity.

The Bad: California’s central valley is very hot in July. Poor Jack coming from Chicago with nice 70 degree weather was introduced to baking in the 100 degree California sun at the pool.

The Ugly: I got sunburnt AGAIN!! So I went from looking like a candy cane to looking like a lobster in only 2 days’ time. Honestly, I think that deserves a medal. The conclusion: I am no longer what Katy Perry sings about in “California Girls.”



The Good: We ate at Paesano’s on the way to the airport. Paesano’s carbonara is crazy good and might be the only thing that rivals my love for Urban fries… that’s really saying a lot. I am currently looking for a way to Doordash both to Lincoln and straight into my tummy.

The Bad: Jacqueline left. It was such a downer I think even my parents cried you guys.

The Ugly: My face when we left Jack at the airport- I’m talking big ol’ alligator tears rolling down my cheeks.



Being a Husker Rocks. Greek Life rocks. CHI OMEGA rocks and the experiences I’ve gained with my Kappa sisters rock. These truly are the women who will drop everything to help me, and who will help me celebrate when I succeed. They are the women that will be my future Bridesmaids, the people I visit when I have vacation time, the women who support me no matter what. I can’t wait for more girls to visit sunny California and I’m excited to visit some of my sisters’ hometowns starting with Jacqueline and Chicago next summer!




El Dorado Hills, California

Pledge Class: 2017

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