MedLife Sisters in Peru

This spring break, I had the opportunity to go on a Medical Mission Trip with two other Chi Omegas through an organization at UNL called MEDLIFE. MEDLIFE is a national organization that was created to help provide medicine, education, and development to low-income families everywhere, all of which creates the acronym ‘MEDLIFE’.


I am on the executive team for the MEDLIFE chapter at UNL, and each year for spring and winter break we go on a trip to participating countries such as Ecuador, Nicaragua, Peru, and Tanzania. Last year I was very lucky to be able to go on a MEDLIFE trip to Ecuador. This year I wanted to continue to grow my experience and help those in need. Tyra, Alissa and I traveled to Lima, Peru with about 40 other members from the university. During this trip, we visited low-income families outside of the city to help provide healthcare. We provided this healthcare by teaming up with local doctors and setting up a mobile medical clinic in different communities each day. Our clinic would include 3 general doctors, 3 dentists, an OB/GYN, triage, education, and a toothbrushing station to help teach kids how to properly brush their teeth to help prevent future decay.


In addition to the mobile medical clinics, we helped build a staircase for a small community in need. In Lima, most of the low-income families live up in the hills where it is nearly impossible to climb up and down due to the steepness of the hills. As an organization, we team up with the local community members to build a staircase that the community can use to walk up and down the hills. I was able to build a staircase alongside my sisters in 4 days and even though a staircase may seem so simple, these communities benefited so much from this project.

It was crazy to see how much these communities needed our help. It was an eye opening experience and I was able to help make a difference in the lives of those who truly need it. MEDLIFE is an amazing experience and I’m so glad I got to experience this with some of my sisters.

Mackenzie Boyle


Pledge Class 2016