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As a new member, you will begin your experience as a sister with other new members in a semester-long new member program. You will have an entire semester to get to know your new sisters and the sorority before initiating. We feel our new member program gives girls like you the best opportunity to learn about Chi Omega and the amazing women around you. The new member program ends with a special Initiation Week in January, where new members finally become our sisters in Chi Omega!

The first semester is filled with fantastic events that allow new members to begin to create lifelong friendships. They help with our annual Wing Fling philanthropy, participate in fun activities together like movie nights, bowling nights and house decorating before the holidays, and spend lots of time with actives. A special highlight of the new member program is getting to know your “big sister” during the Big Sis/Lil Sis Reveal event. During Big/Little week, new members receive gifts and hints as to the identity of their “Big.” Reveal Day is an exciting event filled with photos, friendship and dinner in which each new member learns the identity of her big sister and her family. A new member’s Chi Omega family is there to support her for her years as an active in Chi Omega and beyond.