From the beginning, strong leadership has been the hallmark of Chi Omega. We have a great leadership team that helps with the day to day operations of our Chapter.

Meet our 2019 Executive Team:



Sydney Mickells

Major: Elementary & Special Education

Clifton Strengths: Responsibility, Positivity, & Developer

Favorite Line of the Symphony: “To be loyal under any and all circumstances.”


VICe president

anna krause

Major / Minors: History + Computer Science, Digital Humanities, English, & Business Administration

Favorite Line of the Symphony: “Scholarship over Social Obligation.”

Foundation Ambassador: Rebel Sjeklocha



Brenda Maytorena-Lara

Major: Broadcasting Production & French

Clifton Strengths: Harmony, Positivity, & Connectedness

Favorite Line of the Symphony: “To be womanly always; to be discouraged never.'“


Personnel chair

Mary Greufe

Major: Elementary Education

Clifton Strengths: Positivity, Includer, & Woo

Fun Fact: I have watched the Friend’s Series 11 times and counting.



Frances Munro

Majors / Minors: Finance & Economics + Math & Management

Clifton Strengths: Communication, Competition, & Command

Fun Fact: I know every word to Hamilton by heart.

Financial Housing Manager: Abby Liddell


NEW member educator

Jacqueline Schrock

Major / Minors: Child, Youth, & Family Studies + Education & Psychology

Clifton Strengths: Positivity, Empathy, and Belief

Favorite Line of the Symphony: “to work earnestly, to speak kindly, to act sincerely.“

Esoteric Chair: Krista Benesch


REcruitment CHAIR

Morgan holen

Majors: Broadcast Journalism & Advertising / Public Relations

Favorite Line of the Symphony: “To be womanly always; to be discouraged never.”

Fun Fact: I can balance three glasses of water while doing the splits! - Don't ask how I figured that one out.


Panhellenic Delegate

Jacqueline Manchester

Major / Minors: Food Science & Technology + Leadership & Communcation

Clifton Strengths: Empathy, Learner, & Futuristic

Fun Fact: My mom was a Chi Omega here at UNL (P.C. 82) and was also Panhellenic delegate - the apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree.


HOUSE manager

Alie Gillespie

Major: Music - Voice Performance

Fun Fact: I am a huge Bruce Springsteen fan.

Favorite Line of the Symphony: “That she may be a symphony of high purpose.“


Director of Programming

Gabby Giesler

Major: Advertising & Public Relations

Clifton Strengths: Communication, Woo, & Focus

Fun Fact: My life goal is to own a wiener dog.


Cardinal Cabinet

Our Cardinal Cabinet Team is in charge of programming. Each Director has chair positions that assist in everything they do!

Sisterhood DirectOR Lucy Heldridge

Major: Pre-Speech Pathology

Omaha, Nebraska

Junior Class Representative: McKenzie Mason

Sophomore Class Representative: Carli Pfeil

Freshman Class Representative: Lauren Dubas

image1 (2).jpeg

Campus Activities Kendall Kelly

Nutrition Science & Pre-Med

El Dorado Hills, California

Homecoming Chair: Madi Mohar

Greek Weekend Chair: Haley Petri

Intramurals Chair: Kate Dean

Philanthropy Director Faith Hrnchir

Elementary & Special Education

Hastings, Nebraska

Philanthropy Assistant: Allie Johnson

Make-a-Wish Coordinator: Taylor Jarvis

Community Service Chair: Gabrielle Boucher


Career & Personal Development Director Lauren Niesen

Actuarial Science

Olathe, Kansas

Event Planning Chair: Claire Deetz

Personal Wellness Chairs: Sally Brechbill & Madison Harcrow

Alumni Relations Chair: Abby Liddell

Communications Sophie Smith

ADPR & Sports Media + Communications

Elkhorn, Nebraska

Social Media Assistant: Camryn O’Dell

Website Chair: Lauren Brown

Banner Chair: Erin Willats

Apparel Chair: Paxton Brittingham

Videography Chair: Julia Kennedy

Photography Chair: AJ Kraemer


Social Director Vanessa Reiser

Biology & Pre-Med

Omaha, Nebraska

Formal Chair: Kaylee Burnside

Social Chair: Keaton Fricker

Social Chair: Laura Derowitsch