Letter from the President


Hey! My name is Sydney Mickells and I am the President of Chi Omega Kappa Chapter. I am so glad you decided to check out our website! Here you can find an overview of what Chi Omega represents and who we really are. I hope our website allows you to see a glimpse of why we are so lucky to call each others sisters and Chi Omega our home. You will quickly learn why these women are my truest friends and biggest role models.

I’ll be honest with you, going through recruitment can be an overwhelming, confusing, yet joyful process. Through my experience, I found Chi Omega to be the place where I felt like I could be myself, be cared for but it was also the house that I felt I would grow in to become the best version of myself over the course of the next four years. Throughout recruitment week, I constantly met women in Chi Omega who were the kind of women I would want to be like in college. I was amazed by their authentic love for one another and after just one week I was more than inspired by the women of this house and now, after 3 years, I truly believe I am a better student, a better friend, a better leader, and an all around better person because of the influence my sisters have had on me.

The women of Chi Omega are individually passionate, caring, driven, loyal, humble, and compassionate. We as a house, are driven and rooted in our Fraternity’s six purposes. Friendship can be seen by the genuine bonds between the women of Chi Omega. In a house that is so wonderfully diverse through different backgrounds, interests, and futures, it is amazing to see the friendships that are formed and fostered. As women of Chi Omega, we also hold each other to a higher standard of character and challenge each other to take actions that will benefit our sisters and ourselves long term. Another one of our purposes is scholarship which can be seen through our chapter GPA which is consistently one of the highest Greek GPAs on campus. Through study nights, helping women in classes that we have already taken, and striving to meet our academic goals, Chi Omegas truly embody what it means to be scholarly.

Our campus is sprinkled with passionate Chi Omega leaders and our involvement is diverse and widespread. Many women participate, and hold leadership positions, in musical groups, philanthropic activities, student government, intramural or University sports teams, or academic-based organizations. The women in Chi Omega are also very driven towards career and personal development opportunities. I love coming back to Chi O after the summer and hear about all of the incredible and unique internships and job experiences that women in the house had. Whether it’s studying abroad at Oxford, working in Nepal, interning for major companies across the country, or going on a road trip with your Chi Omega sisters, we are always taking advantage of opportunities to gain experience in some of the most amazing places. Lastly, Chi Omegas exemplify our purpose of community service with participation in philanthropic events. One example, is when we host our annual Hallo-Wing Fling in which we provide all-you-can-eat chicken wings and fun activities which raises money for our national philanthropy, the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Chi Omega members’ commitment to friendship, character, scholarship, campus involvement, career and personal development, and community service allows us to live with the highest form of character possible. Being at college can be overwhelming and at times trying, but being surrounded by this group of diverse, talented, and driven women has helped mold me into a woman of dignity, grace, and self-respect. These women are here to support each other through the ups and downs and to teach each other how to make the most out of every opportunity. Being a Chi Omega has made my college journey exceptionally better and it will continue to guide me in my future adventures, because Chi Omega is more than just four years; it is for a lifetime.

Loyally in Chi Omega,

Sydney Mickells

Chapter President